Sunday March 19th, 2023


Laetare Sunday & Mothering Sunday

 Second collection for Poor Parishes


VIGIL MASS (OLHoC): 6.00pm (Sat. 18th Mar.) (Mary Heath RIP)


MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Beatrice Salmon RIP)

X Refreshments in the Hall after Mass


MASS (OLHoC): 11.00am (Pro Populo)

Children’s Liturgy Session during Mass

The psalm response will be practised before

Mass in preparation for the Easter Vigil 

X Refreshments in the Hall after Mass 


MONDAY, March 20th


MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Bro. James Casey RIP)

 X Beacon+ Community Café (OLHoC): 9.30am to 2.30pm


TUESDAY, March 21st - Lenten Feria


 X Beacon+ Community Café (OLHoC): 9.30am to 2.30pm


WEDNESDAY, March 22nd - Lenten Feria

MASS (OLHoC): 10.00am (Birthday blessings for John)

X Refreshments in the Hall after Mass


THURSDAY, March 23rd – Lenten Feria

MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Sandra Pullen RIP)

 X Beacon+ Community Café (OLHoC): 9.30am to 2.30pm


Parish Open Office with Fr Alex

no appointment necessary - 4pm to 7pm


FRIDAY, March 24th Lenten Feria

MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Gabrielle Lockley RIP)

 Stations of the Cross (OLHoC): 12.00 noon

 Cremation Service (Hawkinge Crematorium): 12.30pm for Gabrielle Lockley RIP


X Beacon+ Community Café (OLHoC): 9.30am to 2.30pm

 X OLHoC Choir Practice (OLHoC Hall): 6.30pm


SATURDAY, March 25th


MASS (OLHoC): 10.00am (Robert Northey RIP)

Confessions & Exposition (OLHoC): 11.00am to 12 noon

 Parish Easter Reconciliation Service (OLHoC): 4.00pm



Next Sunday: March 26th, 2023



Second collection: Easter Flowers


MASS (OLHoC): 6.00pm (Saturday) (Pro Populo)


MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Steve Press RIP)

X Refreshments in the Hall after Mass


MASS (OLHoC): 11.00am  (Patrick Gilheaney RIP)

Children’s Liturgy Session during Mass

X The psalm response will be practised before

Mass in preparation for the Easter Vigil

 X Refreshments in the Hall after Mass




X GETTING READY: A very precious way to get ready for the celebration of Easter is to prepare the soul through prayer and reconciliation. During the Parish Reconciliation Service, Fr Alex will be available, along with additional visiting priests who are visiting the parish, for confessions and reconciliation for all in attendance. Please do try and make it for this very special reconciliation service. 

X BRITISH SUMMERTIME IS COMING - Clocks will spring forward 1 hour at 2.00am on Sunday 26th March. Remember to set your clocks and watches forward by 1 hour before you go to bed this coming Saturday to make sure you are not late for Mass next Sunday.

X COLLECTIONS a total of £623.66 was raised at the cash collection for the weekend of 4th/5th March and a total of £351.05 was raised during the second collection for the CAFOD Lent Appeal. The cash collection for 11th/12th March raised £636.25 

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. 

This weekend there will be a second collection for the Poor Parishes. This collection enables the Archbishop to make grants to some of the smaller parishes in the Diocese. Next weekend the second collection will be for the Easter Flowers in our parish. 

X  DO YOU ATTEND THE 9.00am MASS? Would you like to join a team of “Meet and Greeters” who give out the hymn books and Mass sheets as people arrive for Mass? Please contact the Parish Office with your details. 

X READERS - Sunday 19th March

6.00pm (Saturday) – Monica A. & Ann G.

9.00am – John P. & Judy D.

11.00am – Bernie P. & Ciara M.


Next Sunday 26th March

6.00pm (Saturday) – Kevin S. & Liz W.

9.00am – Margaret W. & Annie H.

11.00am – Robert J. & Hilary B. 

X calling all knitters a sponsored knit-in-aid of the Rainbow centre is taking place in the OLHoC Parish Hall on Wednesday 19th April from 1.45pm to 4.30pm. If you would like to be part of a team of six, knitting for one and a half hours (plain/garter stitch, rows of 30 stitches), please ring Sara Adams on 07745 247102 to find out more. This is a fun event so you do not need to be an expert knitter. Plenty of tea and biscuits throughout the event and music to knot by too. 

X Death of Monsignor Canon Martin Lee - It is with much sadness that we inform you that Monsignor Canon Martin Lee, former Financial Secretary for the Archdiocese of Southwark, died peacefully on 10th March 2023, at Coloma Court Care Home. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. 

X PRAYERS FOR OUR SICK PARISHIONERS: John McDermottroe, Margaret Gillhealey, Mark de Pulford, Margaret Wooley and all undergoing investigations, operations or receiving care. 


Thursday 6th April – Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 8.00pm at OLHoC followed by watching vigil until midnight

Friday 7th April at 3.00pm – The Passion of the Lord at OLHoC

Saturday 8th April – Easter Vigil at 8.00pm at OLHoC

Sunday 9th April – Easter Sunday 9.00am and 11.00am with Easter eggs for the children.

X PLEASE PRAY FOR THE REPOSE OF THE SOULS of Eileen Fitt, Steve Press, Gabrielle Lockley and Brian Donlan, all of whom died recently. May they rest in peace and ride in glory. We also pray for all those who have died recently, and for all those whose anniversaries fall at this time, including amongst them: Richard Ellis, Baroness Margaret Otto (19th Mar); Patricia Tagford, Daniel Connolly, Jean Stokes (20th Mar); Martin Hruska, Jean Ortoli (22nd Mar); Jessie Davey, David Bryce (23rd Mar); Evelyn Hannah, Stephen Hixon, Norah Slevin (24th Mar); Francis McCabe, Mildred Martin, Anne Brewerton (26th Mar).

X New Website for Caritas Southwark - As part of the launch of Caritas Southwark on Saturday 18th March 2023, new website pages have been launched to support the work of the Commission. 

Whether you want to find out about the vision and values of this new diocesan initiative or need get in touch with project leaders, the new Caritas Southwark website pages - which are located under the 'Mission' tab of the diocesan website - are intended to enable visitors to explore the new Commission, access contacts, learn about Catholic Social Teaching and much more. 

The aim of Caritas Southwark is to put faith into action in both practical and prayerful ways within each parish and school, and to offer support to existing charities and organisations engaged in social justice. The link is 

X PARISH CATHOLIC BOOK AND GIFT SHOP: Easter cards now in stock. New Easter activity and storybooks for children are also available along with all other Catholic gifts and items. 


We fly to Thy protection,

O Holy Mother of God.

Do not despise our petitions in our necessities,

but deliver us always from all dangers,

O Glorious and Blessed Virgin