Sunday: April 14th 2024



MASS (OLHoC): 6.00pm (Sat. 13th Apr.) (Sheelagh Crowther RIP)


MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Pro Populo)

  X Refreshments in the hall after Mass


MASS (OLHoC): 11.00am (All deceased members of the Poole family)


Children’s Liturgy Session during Mass

X Refreshments in the hall after Mass



MONDAY, April 15th - Feria

MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Dec’d family of Miss Annie Court)


TUESDAY, April 16th - Feria



WEDNESDAY, April 17th - Feria

MASS (OLHoC):10.00am (Sheelagh Crowther RIP)

X Refreshments in the hall after Mass


THURSDAY, April 18th – Feria

MASS (OLHoC):9.00am (Holy Souls)


Parish Open Office with Fr Alex – 4pm-7pm at the Presbytery (OLHoC)


FRIDAY, April 19th - Feria

MASS (OLHoC):9.00am (All members of the McNamara family)


SATURDAY, April 20th - Feria

MASS (OLHoC):10.00am (Marion Dillon RIP)

Confessions & Exposition (OLHoC):11.00am-12 noon)

X  St Eanswythe talk (OLHoC Hall): 2.00pm 


 Next Sunday: April 21st



World Day of Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life

(Second collection for The Priest Training Fund)


MASS (OLHoC): 6.00pm (Sat.) (Pro Populo)


MASS (OLHoC): 9.00am (Sheelagh Crowther RIP)

  X Refreshments in the hall after Mass


MASS (OLHoC): 11.00am (B’day Blessings for Annie)

 Children’s Liturgy Session during Mass

X Refreshments in the hall after Mass


BAPTISM of Raphael Alexander Magowan (OLHoC): 1.00pm 


X PRIEST TRAINING FUND SECOND COLLECTION ON 21ST APRIL - the priesthood has always been essential to the life of the Church, from the time of Jesus until today. Good Shepherd Sunday is the day we pray for vocations, for our priests, and take up the Priest Training Fund second collection. This fund pays for the formation of men to become priests in our Archdiocese. 

After their ordination, our priests dedicate their lives to serving Christ and His people in our parishes, hospitals, schools, chaplaincies, prisons and in service to the needy, throughout South London, Kent and Surrey. We are blessed to have 5 men in formation to the Priesthood for our Archdiocese and a further 3 joining next year. However, it costs £30,000 a year to sponsor each seminarian. They study for 6 years before being ordained a Catholic priest. 

We therefore rely on your generous support and prayers. Please support our priests of the future with a gift today. Thank you! 

X A TALK ON ST EANSWYTHE OF FOLKESTONE - A Talk on her life, After-life and Legacy. By:  Dr Andrew Richardson FSA (Director, Isle Heritage CIC)   and Judy Docherty (Community Volunteer with the Finding Eanswythe Project). 

The talk will be held in Our Lady Help of Christians Church Hall, Guildhall Street, Folkestone on Saturday April 20th at 2.00pm.  Refreshments will be available. In order to give us an idea of numbers attending, please would you put your name on the sign-up sheet if you are coming along. Thank you. 

X  A FILM ON THE LIFE OF ST BERNADETTE – will be shown on Saturday 11th May in the Hall at OLHoC starting at 2.00pm. Refreshments will be available. Again, please sign the sheet at the back of church if you would like to come along. 

X SVP APPEAL FOR NEW MEMBERS – The Society of St Vincent De Paul exists to help people in need. There will be a short appeal and current members available to talk to after each Mass next weekend, if you feel you can help with this very necessary work and would like to know more. Alternatively please ring 07864 581191

X  LIFE IN SPIRIT SEMINARS - Pope Francis has asked for the Life in the Spirit Seminars, which explore what it means to live your life in the power of the Holy Spirit, to be made widely available throughout the church. 

Come and find out for yourself why the Pope is so keen on them, by joining this year's Seminars, starting on St George's Day, 23 April, at various locations around the diocese including St George's Cathedral and St Thomas’s, Canterbury or on Zoom. 

To learn more about the course, including bios of our great Speakers, or to register to attend at one of the other locations or on Zoom, please visit 


Location: the entrance to St. Thomas Hall is in Canterbury Lane, next to the bookshop, CT1 2HL.  Tuesday sessions at St Thomas start with tea and coffee at 7.30 pm, with the session itself starting at 8 pm and finishing at 9.30 pm. 

Dates and times: 

  • GOD'S LOVE - Tuesday 23 April - Speaker: Joan Fernandes
  • SALVATION - Tuesday 30 April - Speaker: Canon Gerard Bradley
  • NEW LIFE - Tuesday 7 May - Speaker: Janet Iannicelli
  • RETREAT DAY AT THE CATHEDRAL - Saturday 18 May (Pentecost Saturday) - Speaker: Fr Emmanuel Mansford CFR
  • GROWTH - Tuesday 21 May - Speaker: Allegra Mutanda
  • TRANSFORMATION - Tuesday 28 May - Speaker: Gary Stephens

X  WE PRAY FOR THE RECENTLY DECEASED - Please pray for the repose of the souls Anne Houlahan, Malcolm Slade, Sheelagh (Mary) Crowther and all those who have died recently or whose anniversaries fall at this time including: Elisabeth Agnew (15th); Thaddeus Beutlich (16th); Cynthia Broad, Caroline Redsull, Kathleen Stone (17th); Mary Rumsey, Mary Cullen, Eva Barham, Geoffrey Fine (19th); Eleanor Hutchinson, Clive Getty, (20th); Ernest Rodway (21st).

X THE SICK - We remember all those who are sick and housebound and that they remain in our prayers including Paul Croft, Uzo Mbanugo; John McDermottroe, Bob Vickery, Canon Luke Smith, Beulah Blomfield, John Lodge, Robert Jones, Veronica Poulton, Margaret Woolley, Ema Deba, Rosaleen Kelly, King Charles, Angelo Strinati, The Princes of Wales, and all those who have asked for our prayers. 

X QUEEN OF HEAVEN (LATINREGINA CAELI) – this is said throughout Eastertide from Easter Sunday through Pentecost to the seventh Sunday after Easter.

The Regina caeli is also said in place of the Angelus during Eastertide.

Queen of Heaven

V. Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia. 
R. For He whom you did merit to bear, alleluia. 

V. Has risen, as he said, alleluia. 
R. Pray for us to God, alleluia.

V. Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia. 
R. For the Lord has truly risen, alleluia.

Let us pray. O God, who gave joy to the world through the resurrection of Thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, grant we beseech Thee, that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may obtain the joys of everlasting life. Through the same Christ our Lord.  Amen.

X MASS INTENTIONS - please use the envelopes at the back of the church to make your requests and offering.