Holy Communion for the sick at home or in hospital


The parish has a team of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, who are all commissioned by the Archbishop, DBS checked by Liz Willis, and organised in concert with the parish priest. Their ministry is to take the Sacrament of Holy Communion to people who are long-term sick or disabled, and who are thus unable to get to Mass. If you know of anyone in this category who is not currently receiving the Sacrament at home (or where they are living), please inform the Parish Office on 01303 252823 or email folkestone@rcaos.org.uk or speak to Andrew Kempson or Rev'd Dr Gehad Homsey.


People who are seriously ill or undergoing operations may ask for one of the priests to administer the Anointing of the Sick. Those who are going into hospital should remember to ask for a visit from the hospital’s Chaplain: he or she will arrange for a Catholic minister to bring them Holy Communion, or - if anointing is required - for a priest to visit (but, hopefully, you will have already asked for anointing before you go in). Catholic chaplains are often clergy or laypeople from the hospital’s local parish, though the full-time Chaplain at QEQM is a Catholic deacon, the Rev’d Gerald Watkins, and our own parish deacon, the Rev’d Dr Gehad Homsey, is a registered part-time chaplain at the William Harvey Hospital, too. Contact the parish office 01303 252823 or email folkestone@rcaos.org.uk or call Rev'd Dr Gehad Homsey on 01303 253601 / 07917 134250

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