X HOORAY FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE who have decided they’re going to go to the New Evangelisation Summit meeting at St Paul’s Dover, on October 5th (10.00am - 1.00pm) There will be the broadcast from Canada, refreshments and discussions, and Fr James Mallon, the author of Divine Renovation will be the principal speaker. Fr Jamie and I have high hopes for this! And…

X GROWING OUT OF THE BOOK AND THE DAY will be Fr Jamie’s lunchtime meetings on all the October Wednesdays (Oct. 2nd - Oct. 30th inclusive). These will be in the Parish Hall at OLHoC. In these we hope to see how we can put what we have learned from the Book and the Day into the life of the Church in our parish. And…

X AT THE SAME TIME the new RCIA catechetical group will have begun (tomorrow, Sept. 16th) on Monday evenings at 7.30pm in OLHoC Hall. This is for people who are grown-ups enquiring about or thinking about becoming Catholics. It’s for people who are baptized, but in other Christian traditions; AND for adult Catholics who haven’t been confirmed and who want to be; AND it’s for people who haven’t been baptized but who want to explore. In short for people who want to know more about the Catholic faith.  

X THE WINTER SHELTER John Philpott or Liz Willis will be speaking to you at all masses this weekend. They will be opening up the prospect of building a core “pool” of volunteers, and outlining their ideas and suggestions, for the parish’s taking part in the Winter Shelter again this year. Life on and off the streets has moved on since the Shelter began ten or more years ago, and a bit of re-calibrating the task and our (and others’) part in it has taken place. So give John or Liz a god hearing, and mark 2.30pm on Saturday Sept. 21st in your diaries, to come to meeting at OLHoC Hall to learn more and ask any questions.  We hope to be confident in building a well-trained and well-cared-for team to provide this important facility to those who are without proper home or shelter, helping them directly now and into a new future. 
    So -

·     meeting for former and new volunteers in the Old Hall at OLHoC at 2.30pm on Saturday Sept. 21st.

·        Volunteer application forms at the back of both churches.

·        Lend your ears to John and Liz at the end of mass this Sunday

·        If we can do this, and if we can, let’s.

X THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE after 10.00am mass starts again on Thursday Sept. 19th. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Bernie Pay will no longer be behind the counter, making coffee, handing out the cake and taking your money. Bernie is a wonderful participant in all aspects of parish life and we give her a huge thank you for her efforts over the years. Kathleen Lynch will carry on, but she would be glad of a hand, so if you are able to help, please do offer your services on a Thursday morning.

X OUR LADY & ST JOSEPH’S 100 CLUB – The September draw will take place next Sunday, September 22nd. There are still a few numbers remaining. Join today by completing the form at the back of the church,

X ST JOSEPH’S SOCIAL CLUB ITALIAN LUNCH – today, September 15th, everyone is invited to an Italian Lunch at St Joseph’s Church Hall, Narrabeen Road, Cheriton.  The cost is £6 for Adults and £3 for children and lunch will be served at 12.30pm. Buon appetito!

X THE SPONSORED BIKE RIDE – thank you to everyone who took part yesterday in whatever way. It’s time to pay up your sponsorship money now if you haven’t already done so. As soon as we know how many churches people visited and how much money was raised we’ll let you know.

X MRS ANNE WHITAKER would like to step down from her position as organiser of the flower ladies at St Joseph’s. She’s held the job for a good long time - twenty years! - and would like to relinquish her responsibilities after two whole decades. So there is room for someone else to take over this vital, but often taken-for-granted, task. Being in charge of church flowers is a very important job, full of demands and problems, but very rewarding - appreciated by the congregation (even though they don’t always say so!) and deeply satisfying to the person concerned (as it generally is for all flower arrangers). So we offer our profound thanks and congratulations to Anne for so many years of making sure that St Joseph’s looks joyful and beautiful Sunday after Sunday; and if anyone would like to volunteer to take over from her, please have a word with Fr Stephen or with Anne herself.  

X HOME MISSION SUNDAY SECOND COLLECTION - The Home Mission Office is a national organisation, run by the bishops, that helps parishes with the tasks of mission and evangelism. This weekend, our donations will enable them to help the local Church share the joy of the Gospel throughout England and Wales. This has interesting connections to what the New Evangelisation Summit meeting at St Paul’s Dover (see first article, opposite) is about. Visit them online at

X DAY MORNING PRAYER AT ST JOSEPH’S - an informal service of Morning Prayer, based upon the Divine Office, is held each Friday at 11.00am in St Joseph’s Lady Chapel. It lasts about 20 minutes. All are warmly welcome.

X FOLKESTONE’S CATHOLIC BOOKSHOP – don’t forget to visit and use our parish’s very own Catholic Bookshop, situated outside Our Lady Help of Christians! The shop is open every day after Mass from 10.30am to 11.30am on weekdays and on Sundays immediately after Mass (Though sadly, owing to illness, not after today’s 9.00am Mass). Order your Catholic books - Divine Renovation, for example! Christianity Rediscovered - here instead of at Amazon (ugh!) or Waterstones.

X BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL SERVICE – today at 5.45pm on The Leas just by the Step Short Arch: 79th anniversary Battle of Britain takes place. Everyone is welcome to attend and pay their respects.

X THE FOODBANK: Our parish generally does very well at supporting the foodbank, and the orange bin in the porch at Our Lady’s, the big cardboard box at St Joseph’s and the collection point at Stella Maris usually fill up quickly. Thanks to everyone who helps make this happen. Also, vouchers for food are regularly issued from the Presbytery. This is not just” good” or “nice”: the Church teaches that it’s a corporal work of mercy to feed the hungry; in other words, it’s an echo of, and a participation in, the mercy of God. Dylan will soon be able to issue vouchers, and we’re encouraging the Foodbank to re-consider the role Stella Maris can play. Please remember always: no alcohol, sweets, clothes or toys. And again, thank you for supporting this aspect of the Church’s life and mission.

X MARRIED COUPLES! You can give each other a wonderful gift by spending a day exploring your relationship more deeply to gain valuable insights into your communication. Couples who have attended the course noted the positive changes it made to their marriage. There is no group sharing and this is not marriage counselling or guidance but a chance to make your marriage even better. Details are in the porch and applications are at the back of the Church – cost is a suggested donation of £10 and it takes place on Saturday September 28th in Croydon. Contact Carole, email: <> or Tel: 07983524727

331 people came to the Sunday Masses at Our Lady Help of Christians last weekend, and 101 came to St Joseph’s. Sunday collections amounted to £564.51 at OLHoC, and £318.87 at St Joseph’s (excluding standing orders). 

Second collection for the Catholic Education Service came to £151.32 at OLHoC and £64.13 at St Joseph’s and an additional collection at St Joseph’s was held for Fr Garry and the SMA which came to £250.25.

Thank you for your kind generosity.

Please pray for
Alice McLoughlin, Anna Fitzgerald-Clark, Anne Craghill,    Anne Hamer, Anthony Evans, Beth Gilbert, Blanche Ellis, Brian Rae, Dorothy Hogan, Francis Dunn, Fr Ed Hartley, Emily Theobald, Giovanni Toffetti, Janet Fitzgerald, Joan Martin, John McGarry, Pat Mahoney, Patricia Barry, Paul Loader, Paul Shears, 
Ray Smith, Roy Blake, Sami Youssef, and Sister Milligan.


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