X FRIDAY MORNING PRAYERS AT ST JOSEPH’S: Every Friday at 11.00am in St Joseph’s Lady Chapel. All welcome.

X JULIAN MEETINGS - Next two meetings: Next Friday, November 23rd at 2.30pm and January 25th at 7.00pm. Contact for information: Rosie Press on 277399 or

X CATECHETICAL COURSE – In Our Lady HoC Parish Hall, at 7.30pm on Mondays, to explore and learn more about the Catholic Faith, mainly for those who aren’t Catholics yet! Rosa Calabrese-Mazzitelli was baptized last week and is being confirmed at Buckland by Archbishop Peter this Sunday - today! We wish Rosa every blessing, and keep her in our prayers today! Several members of the catechetical group have gone to Buckland to support her, and Fr Capener will be there too!

X WINTER NIGHT SHELTER – VOLUNTEERS! The Night Shelter draws ever nearer! Volunteers are still needed to join the team from our parish (or indeed to help at other venues). In our parish the shelter runs from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, December to February, at Our Lady HoC Parish Hall. If YOU would like to help (on a large or a small scale), the team would be delighted to hear from you! In particular, they need overnight volunteers . . . and that’s not as daunting a prospect as it may appear! There’s plenty of support, training, and good company. If you’re not sure, ring up either Liz Willis (01303 243110) or John Philpott (01303 258962). Volunteer application forms are at the back of the Church.

X NOVEMBER ENVELOPES FOR THE DEPARTED November has always been a month to remember the departed, carrying through from All Saints and All Souls, and a special way to do this is through the November “Dead List” – it sounds grim, but it’s not, really. The names, having been photocopied for the clergy to pray them through, are replaced in their envelopes, and remain on the altar to be prayed for at every mass in November. They also form the specific intention of at least two masses every week. There are two weeks of November left, and latecomers to this can still find envelopes at the back of church.

X STELLA MARIS RECRUITMENT DRIVE! – Its time to start thinking about providing your children with an education that takes place within a Catholic context! We are VERY BLESSED in having a good Catholic primary school in Folkestone – our own wonderful Stella Maris School. This school is part of the Kent Catholic Schools Partnership, rated “Good” by Ofsted, and of course its funding comes from the State – it is free to send your children there. At the 9.00 Mass at Our Lady HoC today, at the 11.00 Mass at Our Lady HoC next Sunday, and at the 4.00pm Carol Service at St Joseph’s on December 9th, there will be a display, leaflets, members of staff, information and encouragement to let you know about this lovely and lively school and what the Church offers, through Stella Maris, for YOUR child or grandchild!

X THE FOLKESTONE FOODBANK – are most appreciative of our support and in the run up to Christmas particularly request donations of chocolates, boxes of biscuits and sweets (not mince pies). Not needed at the moment are nappies, soup, beans pasta and rice - as their stocks of these are plentiful.

X ANNUAL REQUIEM MASS FOR DECEASED CLERGY OF THE DEANERY: This mass will be celebrated at St Paul’s Dover at 10.00am on Tuesday, November 27th – all are welcome. There will also be a Mass in the parish, at 10.00am as usual at Our Lady Help of Christians.

X OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS PARISH HALL - The Garfield Weston Foundation is a grant-giving charity based in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1958 by the Canadian W. Garfield Weston (1898–1978), who, after front-line service in the First World War, made lots of money in the bread biscuit and bakery business, boh in Canada and Britain. During his lifetime he contributed to numerous humanitarian causes, both personally and through his companies. Nowadays his philanthropic works continue through the Garfield Weston Foundation (based in London), which is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world. We’re grateful to the foundation for its generosity, and we hope to spend this money on the last big major work in the Hall – the kitchen – in the New Year. At this vey moment, as Fr Stephen and Sara Adams put the bulletin together and prepare to print it, work is proceeding inside and outside the Hall on the new heating system – machinery, gas, and electrics. This will NOT be completed by the time you read this, but it might very well be by the time we assemble to celebrate Christ the King in a week’s time!

X ADVENT CAROL SERVICE – The annual Advent Carol Service at Our Lady, Help of Christians, is usually on Advent Sunday: this year, however, because of the absence of so many of the Singing Group on that day, it’s been transferred to the SECOND Sunday in Advent, December 9th. It’s still at 6.00pm, as always, and will feature special pieces of music, rousing Advent hymns, the inspiring Advent readings and the haunting “Great O” Advent Antiphons - around which the service is built. There will be mulled wine and mince pies in the OLHoC Parish Hall afterwards!

X CHILDREN’S CAROL SERVICE – And a little earlier on the same day, (Sunday, December 9th, 2018), St Joseph’s is holding its annual children’s Christmas Carol Service with Nativity Tableaux at 4.00pm. This will also be followed by mulled wine, in St Joseph’s Parish Hall, with St Joseph’s Social Club Christmas Draw to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Hall.


1. Tomorrow, 19th November, 2.00pm - 4.00pm: “The 3rd Monday Variety Club” for the young oldies with social games and tea and cakes.

2. Monday, 26th November, 7:30pm: - A talk by Steve Press: “In the footsteps of St Paul in Greece”: on holiday in Greece; including Philippi, his first addresses; Corinth, his headache; Athens, his failure; etc. Come and hear how Paul’s Way can enrich our Way.
All are welcome.

X OUR LADY & ST JOSEPH’S 100 CLUB - The November draw will take place today! We do now have ONE HUNDRED MEMBERS! If you’d still like to join, or buy another number, application forms are at the back of St Joseph’s, or at OLHoC ask Trish Bould or Sara Adams for one. It’s £12.00 per number per year and you can have as many numbers as you like.

X FUNERAL NOTICES. Sadly we must announce the death of Brian Tudball, the husband of Elizabeth Tudball, who was a much-loved and long-serving teacher at Stella Maris. Both Brian and Elizabeth moved a couple or so years ago to Ashford; but Brian’s family want his funeral to take place here in Folkestone. We know that people will also want to know the dates and times of the funerals of both Pauline Kearney and Moira Goss, whose deaths were announced last week; and so, in chronological order, here are the times of the funerals of Moira, Pauline and Brian. May they rest in peace.

o   Moira Goss: Wednesday, Nov. 21st, at 10.00am, at Our Lady, Help of Christians.

o   Pauline Kearney: Tuesday, Nov. 27th, at 12.30pm at Hawkinge Crematorium

o   Brian Tudball: Wednesday, Nov. 29th, at 11.30am at Hawkinge Crematorium

X E-MAILS – A REMINDER! Please note that Fr Stephen, and Sara Adams at the Parish Office both have new e-mail addresses for church-related matters. (See next column)

X OLHoC CHRISTMAS FAYRE AND FUN! NEXT SATURDAY November 24th, 10.00am-2.00pm in OLHoC Parish Hall. Put this in your diaries! Stalls for all the family! Please keep your donations coming in as requested in previous weeks. Tickets for the Christmas Raffle are available. Please would you spread the word and tell your friends and family, and use any opportunity you have on social media to advertise the Fayre. The cost of putting an advert in the paper has risen by 400% this year, and is beyond our means. Posters for you to take and display are at the back of the church – please do take one and put it where it will be seen by lots of people. Thanks to Go-Girl Signs for the banner on the Shellons Street side of the shop!  This event, as well as raising a good deal of money for the Parish, is fun so please come along and support it.

X CHRISTMAS CAKE RAFFLE - the tickets for the annual Christmas Cake Raffle are now on sale at the back of the church - £1.00 each.

Please pray for the people named below,
who have asked us to hold them in our prayers:

It’s good to see this list growing again – all the people here have indicated their willingness (in accordance with GDPR) to have their name listed in the Bulletin. I’m sure more people could the same, if asked by family or friends…

Blanche Ellis, Cecilia Wells-Tilling, Giovanni Toffetti, Joan Martin, John McGarry, Patricia Barry, Ray Smith, Roy Blake

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