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THANK YOU once again for all the lovely cards and invitations and very generous gifts I’ve received from members of the parish – from both ends of the parish. It is really very kind of you. I will try harder to reply to every one – please forgive me if it takes a bit longer than you might (rightly) expect. I hope you know that these kindnesses mean a great deal to me and Trish – and I’m so glad that so many people have said to me how much they value Trish for her hard work, and for the dedication that she gives to everything she does - especially the music - for the parish. This is true, and of course it’s been true for many years – she’s been a member of this parish since 2005, much longer than me!

 Trish and I have been doing a lot of packing and clearing up before we go and Fr Alex arrives. It takes up a lot of time! Dylan Jeffrey will be returning to work next week, so things might pick up a little in the parish office. But let’s not fool ourselves that the Covid-19 Pandemic is all over! It really isn’t, and “Easing the Lockdown” has proved a far more difficult and problematic task than we originally hoped. There will be more, and different-shaped, problems to come. Let us pray that we here in South-East Kent don’t become another Manchester or Preston – we already have a higher-than-average level of Covid-19-related deaths, as I’m sure we all know.

 As predicted, the government has changed the rules for churches – wE all now have to wear masks. Now this might well mean that we can let more people into church, with one-metre social distancing, but we’re not rushing into that. This week we shall have a lot of people in church because quite large numbers of people are coming as “bubbles” or as members of one household. This has meant a lot more organising to prepare  for Sunday mass, and I’m even more grateful than usual to the volunteers who come to steward, and those who come sacrificially to clean the church in the middle of Sunday afternoon. This extra preparation has meant that the bulletin continues to be a bit shorter than usual this week!




 Presbytery and Parish Office:

41 Guildhall Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1EF

Tel: 01303 252823



Parish Secretary:

Mr Dylan Jeffrey



Fr Jamie Houghton, Fr Stephen Bould, Fr Francis Capener


Rev. Dr Gehad Homsey

(01303-253601 / 07917 134250;





To everyone who has given money to the parish. Because we can’t collect money during mass under the current regulations, a standing order remains the best and simplest way to give to the parish; otherwise, please continue to put money through the Presbytery door. But WHATEVER or HOWEVER you give,





 The August draw will be on August 23rd. If you want to renew your membership, or join for the first time (and remember you can have as many numbers as you like) it’s £12.00 per number per year, you can post or deliver your subscription of £12.00 per number, with your name, address and phone number, to:

The Parish Office, 41 Guildhall Street, Folkestone CT20 1EF.

Please make any cheques payable to

“Our Lady & St Joseph, Folkestone.”


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